Corona: Publicity ban in that city of Italy

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-23 00:54:55

Corona: Publicity ban in that city of Italy

China may seem to think of such a picture as a public roadblock in the wake of the Corona terror. However, this scenario is not from China, but from Lodi, Italy. Where everyone is afraid of being attacked by coronas.

They said, "I am terrified because of the terrible condition, the elderly are more affected." Everyone here is acting in a panic. Nobody wants to get out.

There are 14 people recently affected by the virus in Italy who have never been to China. As a result, authorities have decided to close the areas on Friday as a precautionary measure.

The 14 most recently infected people in Italy are all from the Lombardy area. There, after a meeting with a man back from China in late January, another 38-year-old man was infected with the Corona virus. Five doctors and nurses at the hospital where the man was taken and several other patients were also infected with the virus. The virus was also found in the body of a 14 person visiting a cafe in the area. The administration is in a state of flux.

Health officials say hundreds of people have already been released. They are being tested.

Authorities have advised more than half a million people in homes to be at risk for the Corona virus. All of the festivals for a week or to attend church or sports have been banned.

Corona virus is spread in 32 countries of the world. In this situation, terror is increasing day by day. A new virus has died in China due to the virus. According to data from the National Health Commission of China Saturday, more than 100 people have died in Hubei province. The death toll has exceeded 2,300. So far more than 36,000 people have been affected.
Meanwhile, two more have died in Iran after being attacked by Corona. The death toll in the country rose to five.

Meanwhile, Lebanon and Israel have been diagnosed with coronary disease for the first time. And in one day, the number of South Korean victims has doubled.

The World Health Organization says the situation is getting complicated with the spread of quinidine worldwide. However, the company believes that it can be prevented if appropriate action is taken.