Runa Laila in the quarantine camp.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-21 14:01:54

Runa Laila in the quarantine camp.

Runa Laila, the musician in the home quarantine. He is voluntarily at Quarantine at his home on Asad Avenue in Dhaka. Runa Laila returned from London on 16th March after returning from London. After that he is in the home quarantine.

He himself confirmed to the media that he was staying in Quarantine for a fourteen-day home on Friday (20th March ) at noon.

Runa Laila said, "Since I have been outside the country for a long (one and a half month), I have decided to stay in my home quarantine." I have decided to give a message to all at home and abroad.

"Many people in our country still do not understand the horrors of coronavirus," she said. We are also seeing how horrible this coronavirus has become all over the world. We do not understand what will happen in our country. We all have to be careful with coronavirus. But I had no symptoms of coronary disease. Since I was out of the country, I chose home quarantine. I want people to be aware. Everyone should follow the procedures to prevent coronavirus. It is very important that everyone keep themselves safe, while keeping others safe. Otherwise we will face worse situation. We all need to avoid any gatherings, public meetings. No going to the hangout.