Shakib in isolation

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-22 10:43:44

Shakib in isolation

The Corona virus is shaking the whole world. It has an impact in Bangladesh too. Already, 24 people have been infected with the virus and two have died. In this situation, Shakib Al Hasan warned the people of the country about Corona.

Shakib has traveled to the United States to stay with his family. But upon arriving in the United States, he kept himself in isolation in the hotel room. In a video message from there, the all-rounder said, "The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Corona virus an epidemic. Bangladesh is not beyond that. Did you know that a number of coronary virus patients have also been found in Bangladesh? We need to be careful now. Our warning can be to keep our country and us healthy. '

Shakib said some steps to prevent Corona virus, 'By following some simple steps, I think we can be free from this disease and keep our country free. Such as washing hands with soap, maintaining social distance, adhering to proper etiquette when sneezing or coughing, and if someone is returning abroad, he must be careful to keep himself at home and out of the house. Another thing to keep in mind is that relatives, neighbors should not meet you. You have to stay home for 14 days. This is very important. '

Shakib has not yet met his family in the United States despite being in isolation. Corona distances herself from the alert. Sharing his own experience, he said, 'I am sharing my own experience. I just arrived in the US. I was a bit scared on the plane though. Yet I have tried to keep myself clean and sterile. Then when I came to the United States I went straight to a hotel room. '

'I have informed the hotel people that I will be here for a while and since I have been on the plane there is little risk but I have kept myself isolated. That's why I didn't even meet my baby. It is difficult for me not to meet the child even though I am here, but I think we can go a long way with this little discount, ”he said.

Shakib stressed the need for extra vigilance in the case of foreign expatriates, "Many people have come to our country who have come abroad, we have seen in the newspapers, the people of our country. Since they have fewer vacations in their hands, they often want to visit relatives and get around, eat, drink, or attend an event. '

'Since our time is not favorable, I would urge everyone to adhere to these rules. Because we have these small secretions to keep our family safe, healthy. I hope you will listen to my words and try to exploit them. Besides, the government of Bangladesh will also be aware of the directions given by the World Health Organization and will take action accordingly, ”he added.

There has been an outbreak of panic among the Corona virus. The former captain, however, insisted on doing the right thing without being intimidated this time and said, "I want to say one thing, no one will panic." Being panic-free in my opinion will not produce any good results. We see in the media that many are collecting food for three, four or even six months. I guess food shortages will never happen, Inshallah. '

He added, 'We will not die without eating any one. So we won't panic. Only the right decisions can free us from this danger, and it is possible in the concerted effort of all. Another thing I have forgotten is to not travel or leave the house this time without much need. Everyone will be well, healthy, take care of themselves and take care of the family. Thanks everyone. '