Apu's advice on Corona

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-22 12:04:04

Apu's advice on Corona

Worldwide panic over the coronavirus. The virus has so far killed two people in Bangladesh. Screenwriter Apu Biswas advises fans to prevent coronavirus.

 Apu Biswas gives some advice to his fans through the Facebook page. On Facebook Live, the illustrator said, "Now we are in a time of trouble. That's coronavirus. We can stay away from this virus if we want. In this case, everyone needs cooperation. Migrant brothers and sisters who have come to the country, please obey the rules. If you follow the rules that day, we will all be good for 20 years. '

She added, 'As a working mother I have to go out. But after returning home from the outside, I first went to the shower with hand sanitizer to wash my face. Wash the dresses at the end of the shower. After that I go to my baby. I hope you do. Everyone in my house does this. '

"We can all prevent the virus in a concerted effort," he said. For this reason, personal awareness of all is essential. Request to expatriate brothers, please do not wander freely. Help the whole nation stay safe by following the Home Quarantine. My golden Bangla will be more beautiful than one of your responsibilities.