If there is a fever, the patient complains of returning.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-22 21:20:18

If there is a fever, the patient complains of returning.

Shafiqur Nahar of Bariahat area of ​​Mirsarai. The 65 years old has a sudden ear problem. So he came to a relative's home in the city to see a specialist doctor. Three -four doctor's chambers rush to see a doctor from Saturday evening. No doctor found anywhere. Later, after much scrutiny, a specialist at a hospital in Mehdibagh went to the doctor's chamber. Finally, the doctor showed the system.

Not just Shafiqur Nahar. Almost all the doctors in the city did not come after taking a serial on Saturday in the chamber. So many patients have to go back without showing a doctor. However, those who came from outside the city were most disturbed.

On Saturday, doctors visited the private chamber of private doctors on an unannounced leave.

It is reported that after the outbreak of the coronary virus in the country, most of the doctors in the city's public-private hospital suddenly closed their chambers. Although regular patients are seen in the outposts of the government hospitals, most of the patients still receive treatment from these doctors' chambers. Patients and relatives of the patients are deeply disappointed with the discontinuation of such sudden medical care. Doctors are also reluctant to treat patients with other diseases if they have fever, cold or cough. Some have put it in front of the door of the chamber with a text that says 'No patient suffering from breathing / fever / cough.'

Many patients went to the doctor's chamber for several days to manage the disease. Reggie says doctors have done the check-up only after hearing the details of the disease.

One such Robin (26) of Dewan Market area. He had been suffering from fever for four to five days. After testing in the lab, he was diagnosed with typhoid. According to the doctor's advice, the injection should be made from the hospital cabin. But from Sunday morning (22th March), all the hospitals in the city searched the hospital and failed to return. He was not admitted to a private hospital even after he was diagnosed with typhoid.

On the one hand, there is no doctor in the chamber, patients cannot be admitted to the private hospital in urgent need. The patients and their relatives have been treated in a similar manner in the cabin-ICU, which is not available in a timely manner.

They complain that fever can occur if any other disease develops. But doctors are not seeing the patient in the chamber. As the disease worsens, you cannot even get admission due to fever. Again, the government has to get velocity to get medical treatment. Now, if doctors and private hospitals avoid liability for coroner excuses, then the situation will be even worse.

Chittagong Civil Surgeon Dr. Sheikh Fazle Rabbi said the chambers of the private chamber are smaller in size. If there was more space in the chamber, the cold cough fever patient could actually maintain a certain distance. So that's the problem. Many may not be closing the chamber. But cold cough is telling patients to go to medical.

He also said that if there is a simple cough, it can be fixed at home. If you feel the need for treatment you can contact the flu corners at our hospital. However, doctors or private hospitals should not be a problem to treat other patients in the chamber.

About the latest situation in the Corona virus, he said that 973 people have been kept in the home quarantine. There is no coronary disease in Chittagong.