Jamison Red Crescent Maternity Hospital banned

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-23 17:46:18

Jamison Red Crescent Maternity Hospital banned

Hospital authorities have banned public movement at Jamieson Red Crescent Maternity Hospital in Anderkilla. The hospital chairman said on Monday (23th March) the ban. Sheikh Shafiul Azam.

He said such initiatives have been taken to protect patients. Moreover, in the present case, doctors and nurses will not be able to provide services if public meetings are high. So I have introduced the rules of keeping only one with the patient.

Recently, local administration has banned various places in Chittagong to prevent coronavirus infection. Chittagong Metropolitan Police were also banned from conducting unnecessary public meetings. Meanwhile, due to the change in the season, many patients have recuperated due to the incidence of common fever, cold and cough. Doctors are unwilling to see such a patient in unknown terror. Many have also given notice of closure of the private chamber.

Doctors claim they are in good health. Physicians' personal protection equipment (PPE) is not sufficient in Chittagong. However, if they have a fever or a cold, do not go to the doctor if necessary, call for health advice or phone consultation.