The coronavirus test will be done in just 15 minutes.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-25 10:16:32

The coronavirus test will be done in just 15 minutes.

A Dutch company has figured out how to diagnose a deadly coronavirus in just fifteen minutes. Much like the Pregnancy Test, a blood test can easily tell if he is infected with Covid-19.

Robert Das, the CEO of the company called Sensitest, said that although their test procedures are effective, there are some limitations. Testing as soon as someone is infected will not make the matter go away. The test should be done a few days later.

He said that the test procedure for SenseTest is very simple and simple. After the infection, antibodies such as IgG and IgM are produced automatically in the patient's body. They are convinced of the presence of coronas through the test of whether or not this antibody is made in the body.

Robert said it's a lot like a pregnancy test. If you test in advance, the results will be negative. But if enough antibodies are made in the body, the test results will show positive in just 15 minutes.

'However, the test results will show positive even after someone is healed. Because his body is still protected with IgG. However, they are currently being sent only to doctors in the Netherlands. The head of the company said it could reach the world within a short time if it received government assistance.

The deadly coronavirus spread to almost every country in the world in just three months. More than four million people have been affected, and at least 18,000 have died. Most countries suffer from coronary testing kits. Experts say that such a rapid test has become the most urgent.

Source: Daily Mail