Sitakunda feared dead in cold fever, buried.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-25 16:15:07

Sitakunda feared dead in cold fever, buried.

One woman Renu Begum (45) died in Chittagong's Sitakunda after suffering from common fever and cough. But after rumors that he had died of coronavirus, panic has spread among the common man. The area has kept the family home.

The woman died on Tuesday night at Sheikhupara in Sitakunda municipality. His family, doctors and administration claim Renu Begum did not die in Corona. There is nothing to fear that he has a natural death.

The family of the deceased woman said that Renu Begum, wife of Kamal Uddin, was sick for fever and cough in her father's house in Kumira for the past one week. She was taken to her husband's house at Sitakunda Municipality at around 7pm when she was ill on Tuesday. He died about two hours after coming home. Since the news of his death spread, panic has spread among the locals. Rumor has it that the woman died of coronavirus.

Since then no one has been going around his house. Meanwhile, local councilor Haradhan Chowdhury learned about the matter and went to the house. She and her husband were taken to Sitakunda Hospital again. Doctors there declared him dead. The ambulance then took the dead body back to her husband's house.

Local councilor of the municipality, Haradhan Chowdhury Babu, told UNO about the death. No one is going to terrorize the coroner virus in the woman's home. However, the victim's husband Md. Akhter Kamal informed that he had died from fever cough for a long time. The victim's family has been told to bury the body.

Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Milton Roy said he heard the woman died of fever, colds, cough. So his relatives have been asked to stay in the home quarantine for seven days. She added that since the woman's coronavirus has not been tested, it cannot be confirmed whether she died of coronary infection.

Residents of the area and co-general secretary of ward Awami League Tapan Majumdar said the house of the father of the deceased Renu Begum was found in the Kumira union of the upazila. Two weeks ago, the woman's mother died of fever and cough. Later, Renu Begum fever suffered from cold cough. Then he was treated locally at his father's house. In the meantime, her condition brought her to her husband's house in Sitakunda. The woman died two hours later. The matter was reported to the administration.

He was buried in the area on Wednesday. Despite the panic spread among the locals, he was not affected by coronas. Moreover, adequate cleaning is being done in the area with bleaching powder.