Another chapter in the pages of history is 26th March in 1971.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-26 14:03:58

Another chapter in the pages of history is 26th March in 1971.

Great Independence and National Day.This freedom has been earned in exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs, to this day the nation remembers three million heroic martyrs. More than two million mothers and sisters remember. Independence Day is therefore another chapter in the pages of history for the people of Bangladesh.

At midnight on 25th March in 1971, Pakistani occupation forces clashed with modern warships over the sleeping unarmed Bengalis. Shot dead children, teenagers, young men. The Pakistani occupation forces launched a massacre across the country to submerge the Bangladeshi movement, even the legitimate right of national election results.

In that night, the invaders carried out brutal killings at the Jagannath Hall, Iqbal Hall, Rokeya Hall, the teachers' residence, the EPR headquarters in Peelkhana, the Rajarbagh police line, killing countless unarmed patriots and the best children of the country. The Pak army dug up several mass graves in the university area where hundreds of bodies were pressed into the ground and carried bulldozer. Thousands of bodies were buried overnight in various places The bodies of the deceased were buried in the old Dhaka's Buriganga

The official declaration of independence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu, was printed in Chittagong in English and Bengal in the form of handbills. The then Awami League Labor Secretary Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury made arrangements to send Bangabandhu's independence through the EPR headquarters in Chittagong to various parts of the country via wireless. Chittagong District Awami League General Secretary MA Hannan read the Bangabandhu Declaration from the Chittagong Wireless at 2:10pm and 2:30pm.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was taken to the flag staff house while being held captive from Adamjee College inside Dhaka Cantonment on 26th March. He was detained there all day and taken to an unknown location in the evening In the evening, the liberation war was organized by establishing this radio station from a 870 kilowatt transmitter at Kalurghat wireless center. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's speech on March 8 and the declaration of independence was broadcast on the occasion of the War of Independence and Independence from Kalurghat on 26th March by MA Hannan, Sultanul Alam, Belal Mohammad, Abdullah Al-Farooq, Abul Kashem and Abdul Samad. The War of Liberation began on 26th March.

Standing from the wreckage of the massacre that began at midnight on 25th March, Bangladeshis swore an oath to liberate the country and liberate the country from this day. That night, members of the then East Bengal police, EPR and army started a resistance war, joining the common people. During the nine months of war, the independence of one lakh martyrs was obtained on 16th December in exchange for blood. Another country was born "Bangladesh".