Instruction of conscious speech to the mosque

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-26 18:58:27

Instruction of conscious speech to the mosque

The Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) has directed a five-hour prayer before all the mosques in Chittagong to raise awareness about the spread of coronavirus worldwide. On Wednesday (25th March), a police officer in charge of the police station (OC) was sent to the city.

According to sources, the Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner yesterday. Mahbubur Rahman directed all the mosques in the Chittagong metropolitan area to preach conscientious speeches in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading before the prayer every morning.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Army started work on the ground from Wednesday morning (25th March) on a ten-day government-declared holiday. Joint teams of police and army patrol the various main roads of the port. Three teams of army are working in Chittagong with the district administration Beyond that, a total of 17 teams are now on the field to deal with coronavirus in three hill districts including Chittagong district. Three magistrates of the district administration are leading the campaign in Chittagong. Your own police station is Osirao.

In fact, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have changed the words of Azan to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. In this new message added to Azan, people are being invited to pray from home.

In the rituals of the religion of Islam, a prayer in the mosque that invites a person to pray in the mosque is 'Hia Ala al-Salah' - which means come to pray.

In the new Azan, Muazzin says, "Al-Salatu Fei Buutikum" - that is, from the house (or from where you are) to offer prayers. This sentence can also be heard twice in Muzaffin.

Citing the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, Gulf News reports that it has been decided that prayers in all mosques in Dubai will be postponed, in line with their commitment to national and social responsibility. People will be asked to pray from their homes and pray to God to help us cope with this epidemic.