256 foreigners, police are searching in the wild.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-26 20:02:27

256 foreigners, police are searching in the wild.

Cox's Bazar: 256 foreign nationals have come to Cox's Bazar in the last sixteendays in the ongoing coronavirus situation in the country. Police have not been able to ascertain their whereabouts. However, police say they have been trying to identify them recently because they did not give information about their quarantine from abroad.

According to police sources, in the past 16 days, 2,187 and 5 thousand expatriates have come to Cox's Bazar. Many of them are in the home quarantine. There are 256 foreign nationals with them. People who have come to work from outside in the last 16 days. But even though they are supposed to be in Quarantine for 14 days, they are not doing so. And they are hiding information from the police.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration) Mohammad confirmed the matter. Iqbal Hossain said that after coming to Cox's Bazaar, 256 foreigners were supposed to be in Quarantine for at least fourteen days. But they are not doing that. Again, most foreign nationals are hiding their location information. So the police have come down to identify them.

Delegates of civil society say NGO INGOs are showing arrogance in the home quarantine. Although their home is supposed to be in quarantine during this time, the foreigners are swearing at Cox's Bazar and camp as they do.

Cox's Bazar People's Forum mouthpiece HM Nazrul Islam said foreigners were banding around and were now moving around. Jatla Veda is telling the story in the office gates. Where the government has directed all the people of the country to stay at home, how do they stay out?

Asked about this, Deputy Commissioner of Cox's Bazar. Kamal Hossain said work was on to identify the foreign nationals living in the home quarantine. Legal action is taken if someone does not agree to the quarantine or does not inform the administration of their whereabouts.

The Cox's Bone Coronavirus was identified by a woman. And there are 412 in the home quarantine, while at the end of the quarantine, 71 have been released. Four homes were locked down.