The magistrate's picture of the is viral.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-28 08:47:07

The magistrate's picture of the is viral.

The social media has been criticized for punishing three old men without wearing a mask and criticizing them for taking that picture on their mobile camera. The focus of everyone's criticism is the Executive Magistrate Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Jessore Saima Hassan.

This time another incident happened. Hackers have taken out the criticism of Saima Hassan and his ears in the tab on Monirampur on the official website of Jessore district. Before entering this tab, pictures of various places of interest were displayed along with information from Monirampur.

However, from Friday night, Saima Hassan has been shown on the page. A hackergroup named Tim Donz claims to have hacked this page. A message has been included with. The hackers wrote in the message, 'For the sake of argument, I agreed that he came to work, not to buy rice pulses. But using the power of the state, the father could not spread the image of an elderly murubi in his ear. '

'At least cybercrime law didn't give you that power. You exclude these hypocrisy from taking government salaries to state orders or government orders. Daddy's age is not for henstuck by henchman by posting on facebook.

Earlier on Friday, the mobile magistrate conducted the mobile court, while holding the photographs of three elderly people holding their ears. Later, the image became a storm of criticism when it spread on social media Facebook.

Local sources said the mobile court raided several places in the upazila from Friday afternoon, led by Executive Magistrate Assistant Commissioner (Land) Saima Hassan, to control the mobs to prevent the deadly coronavirus.

Two elderly men were found in front of a mobile court during a raid in Chinatola Bazar around 5:30 pm. One of them was riding a bicycle. The other was selling raw curry on the side of the road. They did not have a mask on their face at this time. Executive Magistrate Saima Hassan held the two men to the hearing when the police presented them to the mobile court.

At the same time, the executive magistrate himself is seen standing on his mobile phone. Later, the executive magistrate made another van driver stand up in the same way.

The executive magistrate Saima Hassan was stopped by phone several times to speak on the matter. She, however, admitted to the matter earlier and told reporters in Manirampur that she was embarrassed. she apologizes if she is wrong.