Corona Panic: Nobody is going to the hospital for fear of three people from the same family

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-29 09:51:34

Corona Panic: Nobody is going to the hospital for fear of three people from the same family

Three members of the same family, including a two-and-a-half-year-old child, have been suffering from 'fever and shortness of breath' in the same family.

The deceased was identified as Ayub Ali, chairman of the Chilarang Union Parishad at Sadar Upazila around 3:15 pm on Saturday. He alleged that the victims were not receiving medical care.

Earlier in the afternoon, the ailing man said on a mobile phone, I got on a Panchagarh Express train from Dhaka last Friday night with fever on the body. Saturday morning, I came home to Thakurgaon. After coming home, the severity of the fever increases. With this, breathing and thinning have begun. The same problem has occurred with my wife and young children.

Describing how he was attacked, the restaurant businessman of Dhaka told that he went to Picnic at Madaripur on 13th March  to organize Dhaka South Jubo League. There were many people present. One of them was involved in the manpower export business. I came in contact with her. Ever since then I have been suffering from fever.

The sick man said, "I, my wife and children all have severe chest pains." I can't breathe properly. On the other hand, villagers have blocked them due to panic in the area, he said. I am not getting any kind of medical care. I've been very helpless.

Local Chairman Ayub Ali said, I hired a microbus to take the three affected people to the hospital. But when the driver of the microbus heard that they were suffering from fever and respiratory problems, he no longer carried patients to the car. I also tried to take the victims to other vehicles in hospital but no one wants to go.

However, around 3:30 pm, the civil surgeon of Thakurgaon said. Mahfuzar Rahman Sarkar said, our health workers went to the scene. They have given preliminary instructions by talking to people with illness. Civil surgeons know nothing about patients having respiratory problems. He said he would take action on the search.

Thakurgaon Deputy Commissioner. KM Kamruzzaman Selim said UNO and Upazila Health Officer were going to the spot. Blood samples will be taken from the body of sick people. The sample will be sent to Dhaka for examination. He assured that maximum medical care of the three would be ensured.

Source: Jago News