For the media workers, the Prime Minister proposes a Taka 20 crore incentive

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-04 12:10:30

For the media workers, the Prime Minister proposes a Taka 20 crore incentive

Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union and Dhaka Journalists Union have proposed a package of Tk 20 crore to the Prime Minister to end the ongoing crisis of the media workers. After a special meeting with the information minister at the political office of the Awami League presidency on Wednesday (1st April), the journalist's leaders handed over the proposal to the minister. Information Minister and joint general secretary of the Awami League Dr. Hasan Mahmud said, "The purpose of the BNP is not to help, but to try to find the wrong, even if the government is not wrong."

He said this after reporters exchanged views with leaders of the Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union-BFUJ and Dhaka Journalist Union-DUZ to look into the proposal to form a national committee of BNP to tackle the Corona situation. The Information Minister gave the example of the neighboring country, saying that the president of the main opposition Congress of India, Sonia Gandhi in writing, welcomed the Prime Minister of the country to various initiatives of the government to fight the Corona situation and gave some suggestions on working together with the government. The BNP has failed to do that. ”Awami League Office Secretary Barrister Biplob Barua, Health Affairs Secretary Dr. Rokeya Sultana, Deputy Office Secretary Sayem Khan was present.

Noting that the BNP secretary general's statement was not intended to extend their hand to tackle the crisis, the information minister said, "Though their traditional nature is not wrong at the moment of the disaster, their intention is to try to find the government's fault." On their behalf, many including Rizvi Sahib spoke a few days ago to question the government. We have repeatedly said that the BNP can work with us, there is no obstacle, we will welcome, if they have any suggestions, they can offer, said the joint general secretary of the Awami League.

Dr. Hasan said, "Today, when the whole world is stopped during this disaster, the situation is better than many countries in our country till now, due to the government taking careful steps with great patience. This does not mean that the government is leaning into relief, the government is preparing for any situation under the direction of the Prime Minister. The rich are also coming forward and journalists are bringing them to the media. Everyone has responded. '

Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union-BFUJ President Molla Jalal, Secretary General Shaban Mahmud and Dhaka Journalist Union-DUZ President Kudus Afrid and general secretary Sajjad Alam Khan Tapu demanded a handful of letters to the minister during the Corona situation. The minister accepted the letter and praised the role of journalists in a hostile environment amidst the global disaster, which Bangladesh is not free from. He said there was a consensus in the discussion about how the media and the government would work more closely to make people aware and not spread rumors and confusion.