Corona Incense: Jabbar's wrestling and fair is postponed

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-06 08:36:11

Corona Incense: Jabbar's wrestling and fair is postponed

Abdul Jabbar's wrestling and three-day Baisakhi Mela has been postponed due to new epidemic coronavirus around the world. It was supposed to be the 111th wrestling .

On Sunday (5th April), Abdul Jabbar's Ballikhela and Baishakhi Mela Committee Organizing Secretary Muhammad Jamal Hossain confirmed the suspension.

He said the wrestling or Ballikhela was introduced in Chittagong's wealthy businessman, Abdul Jabbar Saudagar, to unite the youth in the anti-British movement. Every year, the Baisakhela is being held at the Laldighi field in Chittagong. A three-square-day fair is held around this square kilometer area.

At present, the country is in a critical state for the coroner virus worldwide. The Prime Minister canceled all the events including the Baishakhi festival in the country. During the humanitarian disaster, the Mela Committee announced that all events including Ballikhala and Mela were postponed for the next 12 Baisakh (25th April).

Shawkat Anwar Badal, general secretary of the Ballikhella and Baishakhi Mela Committee of Abdul Jabbar said, "We think that due to the announcement of the suspension in the past, the suffering, misery will be reduced for those small, cottage industries, households and professionals who attend the fair every year.