The IGP is Dr. Benazir Ahmed, the ambassador is Dr. Jabed Patwari

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-07 09:40:01

The IGP is Dr. Benazir Ahmed, the ambassador is Dr. Jabed Patwari

RAB Director General (DG) Dr Benazir Ahmed has been appointed as the new Inspector General of Police (IGP). He will be replaced by the current IGP Dr Mohammad Jabed Patwari.

Dr. Mohammad Jabed Patwari has been appointed as the ambassador of a Muslim country known as Bangladesh's important labor market. The new appointment of the two top officials has been finalized.

This information has been revealed in the top policy makers of the government. If there is no major change in the last few days, these two officers will get formal appointments within the next few days.

Jabed Patwari took over as IGP on 21th January 2018. He was known before as honest, talented and professional officers. He has taken a strong stand against police corruption since becoming IGP. Under his courageous leadership, the corruption of the police is greatly reduced. Besides, he was able to bring about positive change in many areas including police recruitment. Especially the police constables without bribe

She completed the recruitment program and placed the shelves, which are widely admired in all the palaces. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) authorities thanked the IGP for welcoming the initiative. Javed Patwari emphasized the importance of professionalism, merit, rather than political considerations in the matter of transfer. Besides, he has worked to free the police discipline through appropriate punishment if he commits a crime.

Before becoming IGP, Jabed Patwari was the Chief of the Special Branch of Police (SB). He has also performed various important duties of the police. He started his career as an Assistant Police Superintendent (ASP), taking first place in the BCS (Police) cadre. His village home is in Chandpur.

Sources in the government said that the current IGP will expire on 13th April. Preparations are underway to complete this recruitment process. By now Benazir Ahmed's IGP is final. And Javed Patwari is being appointed as an ambassador as a gift of his good work. The current ambassador to the country in which he is being appointed ambassador was politically appointed. He is reported to be the ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, Benazir Ahmed is known as a talented, honest and smart police officer. Benazir Ahmed, an officer of the 7th BCS police cadre, joined the service as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in 1988 . Gopalganj, home of the village of Benazir Ahmed. He served as the Commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) for about four and a half years before taking over the duties of RAB DG.

He served as the Chief of Mission Management and Support Services in the United Nations Peacekeeping Department at the United Nations Headquarters in the United States. He won the UN Peace Prize three times. He also earned the Bangladesh Professional Medal (BPM), the highest professional medal of the police. Concerned that professional and talented officers like Benazir Ahmed would be involved with the police if IGP.