If I say so, I would have given up, so there was no need for such lies and misrepresentation

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-19 17:31:58

If I say so, I would have given up, so there was no need for such lies and misrepresentation If I say so, I would have given up, so there was no need for such lies and misrepresentation

AJM Nasir Uddin has claimed that there was a conspiracy within the party for not nominating the mayor of Chittagong City Corporation. Commenting on the photo of the Bangabandhu killer's relatives spread on Facebook, "lying, propaganda and non-politics", he said, "If I had left the post of mayor, there would have been no need for such lies, propaganda and non-politics."

At a meeting held with media personnel at Chittagong Press Club's VIP Lounge on Tuesday, February 8, Azzam Nasir, who is still in charge of the mayor, said these things. Mayor Nasir said there is no resentment, frustration, sadness, pain, agony, distress, as he is not nominated. Only the victim of Bangabandhu's killer got kicked out by spreading his picture on Facebook, which is a hundred percent false.

An image of Nasir, who recently went viral on Facebook, was rumored to be nominating Awami League for mayor's post. In the film, spread by Nasi's opponents, Mamunur Rashid Helal, brother of Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, and his cousin, Awami League leader Ekram Khan, were sentenced to death along with him. The film went viral after it went viral on Facebook.

Drawing on the context of the film, Nasir said, 'Three days ago I was shown a picture. There I saw a picture marked with a boy named Ekram Khan. He was the Vice-President of Chittagong University Chhatra League in that year. Shahjahan-Kalim was the number one vice-president of the Chhatra League. She is now the principal of a college in Comilla, her village home. There the Awami League member and president of the Bangabandhu Parishad.

Drawing on an acquaintance with Ekram, Nasir said, "I know him this way, through my bankruptcy, through a banker who was on the same committee with him. One night in distress, I went to Ekram's house and was in a room for about a month and a half, without even seeing the sunlight. There were always locks in the room. Just had it during breakfast. That's how communication is. '

Describing the incident behind the photographs, he said, "He (Ekram) had a business establishment in Chittagong. One day he came to me and said, "You open my business. I just know him as he went to the city oxygen and cut a cake. I did not show who was standing next to me or standing. Another person in the film is saying that Shahriar Rashid Khan's brother, I do not know him, I have never seen in his life. How the picture of standing beside the man came, those who spread it can tell. All I can say is, I have no relationship, communication, meeting with him.

Noting that this 'unpopular policy' has hurt, Nasir said, "Where I struggled with the life of the murderers of Bangabandhu, I am doing politics with the ideals of death Bangabandhu. For Hasina, I'm doing politics at risk for life, so much for a small mayor position. The mayor's position is not big to me, politics is big to me. If somebody came up to me and said, 'Brother, I need the mayor's position, you should move away, I would have voluntarily left.'

'Last time the Prime Minister nominated me, did I ask, did I say that he nominated me? I have always asked a nominating party that the Prime Minister has given me. I didn't do any lobbying. So there was no need for so much lies, propaganda, non-politics. What will happen to them? The party will be the losers. It is only a matter of pursuit to create another Awami nasal. We are the test workers of the misery. We do not have a chance to get acquainted. That is why I have trouble in this place if I have not got the nomination. It cannot make any sense to establish a hundred and one hundred lies. '

The Awami League joint general secretary Rezaul Karim Chowdhury has been nominated as mayor in place of Nasir. It is reported that Nasir was deprived of the nomination due to his opposition to the Chittagong Awami League leaders and ministers-MPs. But Nasir said, “He is not disappointed with not getting the nomination. He will work with his life to win Rezaul Karim. ”

At the meeting, Nasir added, “I am a field worker. The Hon'ble Prime Minister has made me the General Secretary and has appointed me as the Mayor. The decision of the Prime Minister is to me a hundred per cent. I told the staff that if you work in the way you have done to win me, then you have to win our candidate Rezaul Karim Chowdhury. I will work too. '

Referring to the love of the people of Chittagong, he said, "It was not understandable that the people of Chittagong loved me so much. There is no disappointment in myself for not getting nominated, but my days are going to stop crying for others at home. Many have come to the office too. Many eyes are watering, crying. But there is no point in me. I think the designation is temporary. '

Chittagong Press Club President Ali Abbas presided over the exchange meeting. After the welcome speech of the reception secretary Chowdhury Farid, Joint General Secretary Nazrul Islam spoke further at the meeting - Vice President of BFUJ Riaz Haider Chowdhury, CEJ President Mohammed Ali and General Secretary M Shamsul Islam, Chattar Saber Kamvar Sawkam Sawkar, Chattar Saber Kawat, General Secretary Mohsin Chowdhury, current committee member Kazi Abul Mansour and former CUJ president Shaheed Wool Alam.