To 63 families, Hathazari UNO was gifted of food stuffed 'love bag'

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-08 23:23:22

To 63 families, Hathazari  UNO was  gifted  of  food stuffed 'love bag'

Government-backed individuals and institutions continue to help the poor, who have become unemployed due to unemployment in the government's programs to combat the coronavirus epidemic. Hathazari Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Ruhul Amin has taken an extraordinary initiative to assist the poor middle class families in losing their jobs.

This time the Hathazari goldsmiths association and the Hathazari Car Micro Association provided helpless relief to a family full of 'love bags'. Today, 8th April, Rose handed the food item in the hands of everyone on Wednesday evening.

Respecting the decision of the state, as they are living in the house as a gift, UNO sent these helpless families to the helpless families.

Asked about this, UNO Ruhul Amin said some people who lost their jobs due to closure as per the government's directive to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus are in the midst of hardship which cannot be expressed in language. They can't even tell anyone, can't even touch anyone. So, in this situation, I am giving them food assistance called this love bag. This support will continue, ”he said.