People of Chittagong do not maintain from social distance

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-09 12:32:51

People of Chittagong do not maintain from social distance

The government wants to maintain social distance between people to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. Because of this, the government holiday has been announced in three phases from 26th April to 14th April. The country has never been declared a holiday for such a long time. Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) has allowed only the drug and consumer shops to be open daily from 6am to 7pm.

But despite all this, many are not maintaining social distance.

Chittagong City is the busiest Karnaphuli Raw Bazaar in the No 2 Gate area. Generally every day there is a sale. But global epidemic coronavirus outbreaks continue to be freely sold. Looking at the raw market scenario, it is not understandable that lockdown is now taking place in the country. The government is calling for a safe distance.

As seen on Wednesday afternoon, numerous buyer sellers are trading as usual. Only in the city? The market picture of the mofussil is similar. Upazila Executive Officer Mohammad Ruhul Amin vacated the bazaar from Chowdhury Hat in Hathazari upazila in the morning and launched a campaign in multiple markets including Amanbazar, Islamia Hat. But after a while Aman Bazaar came back and it was back to its previous state. Everyone is sitting in the market as usual with the moon hats.

When visiting the area of ​​Momin Road in the city, there are crowds everywhere, including grocery stores, vegetable vans, chicken hats. One is standing and bargaining goods. Who will take the first, the competition is going on. With the pressure of the buyer it has become impossible for the sales rep or shopkeeper to maintain distance. The two members of the police could not cope with the crowd, even though they had removed the people on several occasions.

The global pandemic is undergoing coronavirus outbreak. The number of deaths and injuries is increasing daily. As a result, the government imposed lifestyle changes and controls to prevent corona. But some people are acting like they are not giving importance to these rules. It is likely that the danger is approaching more.

Hathazari Upazila Executive Officer Mohammad Ruhul Amin said, “The administration is implementing and implementing the law. But people have to obey the law. But people do not know the law. At least five of the five kilometers of the drawn road turn around at the five markets and request the buyers of the market. But after an hour, the bikini is running again in those markets. I am amazed at the mentality of the people. Many are still looking at the topic of coronavirus. ”

Chittagong District Administration Executive Magistrate Mamun Ahmed Onik said, “Every day, the campaign is being made alert and aware. Yet people do not understand. But the major countries of the world have become vulnerable to this coronavirus. Everyone should be careful about this. ”


According to the Chittagong District Administration sources, four teams are operating in the eight police stations under the leadership of the District Magistrate's Executive Magistrate in 12 police stations in the city. An executive magistrate monitors the three police stations. In the morning and afternoon, these operations, which are divided into two parts, are monitored by the home quarantine, controlling the movement of goods, controlling the prices of goods, keeping the shops open outside the specified time. Every day cases and penalties are imposed on the expedition. On the other hand, the Upazila Executive Officer and Assistant Commissioner (Land) are conducting the operation in the Upazila area. But it is known that people cannot be controlled even in campaigns, fines and cases.