Rangunia markets overcrowded, there is no social distance

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-09 19:54:41

Rangunia markets overcrowded, there is no social distance

Today, according to the holy body. Therefore, in the hats and bazaars of Rangunia upazila, the alarm of the Corona virus has been rising since morning. Despite efforts by the Upazila administration to prevent the deadly coronavirus infection, it has not come to fruition. Regular police patrols, including emaking, leaflet distribution, continue to be strengthened, but are not being acknowledged at Rangunia's Hat Market Gulloe.

Quarantine people from all over the city are indulging in festive atmosphere with villagers everywhere in hats and markets. Corona is suspected to have been infected in the countryside in the fall. Image of several hats and bazaars in the upazila.

It is reported that many people from all over the country came home due to unannounced lockdowns and public holidays in Anjal to prevent the deadly coronavirus infection. And today, on the eve of the holy Shabat, the gathering of people from different hats and bazaars of the upazila started from the morning as the Eid amez started in the rural hats and bazaars of the upazila.

Today, on Thursday (9th April), a crowd was seen in the upazila's Roazarhat, Rajarhat, Dhamirhat, Ranirhat, Chandigona interpreter market, Shantirhat. People are not buying social distances and many are using masks and hand sanitizers. In this, the Eid-ul-Fitr has been targeted at the hats and bazaars. Some have heard of an army, police car coming down the shop shutter and locking it from outside, while some are running the business by leaving half of the shop open. The same image is in other hats of the upazila.

In-charge of the Rangunia Police Station Mohammad Saiful Islam said, "We are keeping a close watch on the hats and bazars of the upazila. Police are always patrolling the markets in different areas. But after news of going to Poolish, people read SOT. Yet we are rushing to the news only after the news of the public gathering. I am also taking immediate legal action against those who disobey the directive. '

Upazila Executive Officer Md. Masudur Rahman said, “We are monitoring the various hats and markets of the upazila every day. To prevent Corona, I recommend raising awareness and maintaining social distance. On the expedition, the market was emptied shortly. But after returning from the expedition, the crowds are again crowded in the hats and markets.