The USTC trimmed its 20 years ago staff by showing cause of stumbling

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-09 20:43:00

The USTC trimmed its 20 years ago staff  by showing cause of stumbling

When the global Coronation Crisis is all around, humanity is raising one hand in the face of danger, right away, the staff of Chittagong's first private university, the University of Science and Technology (USTC), without notice.

It is learned that on 5th April, 19 skilled nurses, 4 cleaner and 11 staff were deported to Bangabandhu Memorial Hospital (BBMH) without notice. The company did not show any reason for such a decision.

The staff has been working in this establishment for a long time. Due to no previous allegations against them, many were shocked at the sudden decision by the authorities. Many broke down in tears over the decision to retire. The only income earner of many families lost their jobs during this crisis in the country.

Supposedly, the authorities have made such a decision for the purpose of not paying the salaries of these low income servants.

Earlier, it was against the organization's board of directors to celebrate the Mujib Year and to throw banners on the occasion of Mujib Year, to honor the birth anniversary of the father of the nation Sheikh Mujib. Immediately after this disgraceful incident, the general students of all the faculties of the university unitedly staged a protest and protest.



The Pakistani Kashmiri wife of the chairman of the organization was identified as the main culprit of delivering such controversial black decisions in recent years. While there is no charge of the Board of Directors, these incidents are happening for the special purpose of a special cycle created by this woman. Many people think that this is a Pakistani woman who is a freedom fighter to prevent the celebration of Mujib.

Professor Nurul Absar, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology (USTC), said the university has a set of rules. According to him, the staff has been trimmed. But right now, there are government directives that no worker can be trimmed in this crisis in the country. Our organization is also obliged to follow the rules of the government. According to the directive of the government, the staff can apply along with the director. Then something can be done. The hospital is completely different with the USTC. So at this point I cannot say precisely what this issue is.

"We have some nurses who do not have government registration here," she added. We have a nurse institute. There they can take the course. Because it is now mandatory for nurses to have a course. University authorities did not give much importance to the issue at the time of establishment. But now the emphasis is on the nurses course.

Manik Mia, president of the employees' union, said 19 nurses were dismissed for lack of government courses, university authorities said. As far as we know, only diploma registration takes place. The government issued a notification a couple of years ago. But these people were hired 20-20 years ago. The authorities then appointed them on merit. Now we have trouble making such inhumane decisions because of the sudden stumbling block.

She said that during this crisis in the country, this nurse, Ayara, has been performing her duties. They were not even paid. Aya and Sweepers do not need registration, I do not understand why they were fired without showing any valid reason. We have a legitimate trade union. They could negotiate with the trade union and make a decision. But none of the laws clarified.

"We are not going to any movement because of lockdown because our people are under house arrest," he added. Today, we have given memorandum along with District Administrator, Police Commissioner, Mayor and Deputy Minister of Education Barrister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury Nofel Mahomed, Khulshi Police Station and RAB-7. We have a meeting next Saturday. After the meeting, we will decide on our next step.