Police beat up journalist in Hathazari

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-11 07:31:49

Police beat up journalist in Hathazari

A journalist has been beaten by police while coming from Hathazari to Chittagong. Daily Yugantar Staff Reporter Nasir Uddin Rocky was beaten by the police while in charge.

The incident took place around 11am on Friday (10th April) at the Quaish area of ​​Hathazari police station on the way from Chittagong city to the workplace of Rauzan in Chittagong.

"My younger brother is a health worker, he works at Epic Healthcare," the journalist said. I was taking him on a motorcycle from Rauzan's house to the office of the Bureau of Jugantor in the Asakardighi area of ​​the city. My brother and I had ID cards hanging around my neck. On the way to the Quayas area, Constable Jahangir suddenly sticks to me.

He said the constable Jahangir was charged with stabbing the journalist even after being told that the newspaper was free from holiday. I have informed the Chittagong Police Superintendent, Additional Superintendent of Police and Hathazari police OC. They assured to take necessary measures.