In the Corona situation, KEPZ workers are trimmed.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-12 00:03:47

In the Corona situation, KEPZ workers are trimmed.

A KEPZ factory based in Anwar, Chittagong has cut off more than 500 workers and workers in Corona. Workers do not see any way to protest or protest. As a result, the workers are helpless in such disaster situations.

The workers said that the women's bra-panty is mainly made in Hong Kong based China based Intimate Apparels Limited. More than seven hundred workers and employees work in it. But last March, they warned the workers and employees not to come in with different tactics.

Workers also said the top officials of the company have assured them that they will return to their jobs so that the cutting issue is not disclosed. Which is considered to be a tactic by senior workers.

Parvin Akhter(24), of Barkal Union, Anwara Upazila, has been working for 4 months in this establishment.
He said that after the closure of the factory in the wake of coronavirus, I raised my salary on 6th April. Then the floor in charge said that he did not come to the factory.

Ashraf Hossain of Karnaphuli Upazila received the same reply after receiving his salary. Besides, Lakhirani of Bandarban, Munni Aktar of Rangamati, Firoza Begum of Rauzan, Alauddin of Hathazari, Nasrin Akhter of Bhola and the floor in-charge Mohiuddin gave the same response to more than 500 workers.

According to floor in-charge Mohiuddin, the owner has no work order because of the Corona situation. Workers will be notified again if there is an order again, or if a worker is needed.

Laborers' comment, If a worker's term of employment is 6 months, he is made permanent. At that time some rights of workers were established under the law. If he is to be trimmed, he has to be trimmed with 3 months 13 days advance pay.

But many of the workers who were forbidden to join the work this month or next month, their jobs would have been 6 months. In the Eid, they received bonuses. Now they are scrambling to quit their jobs.

Mashiuddin Bin Mezbah, acting general manager of KEPZ, said it was inhumane even if there were no legal barriers to freeing temporary workers. No factory in KEPZ can do that. At least not in Coroner's situation.

He said although there are rules for temporary workers to be discharged from their jobs. There is no chance of leaving so many workers at once. The owner can decide if the two do not fit the factory environment or the quality of the work is not good. However, in the Corona situation, because the government is on our side, there is no opportunity to capitalize on Corona. If someone complains in our office we will look into the matter.