Allama Ahmad Shafi's physical condition improves.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-12 20:02:08

Allama Ahmad Shafi's physical condition improves.

The physical condition of Darul Ulum Hathazari's director general, Hefazat-e-Islam Bangla-Deesh Amir Allama Ahmed Shafi has improved.

In a statement on Sunday (12th April), Maflana Anas Madani, the son of Hefazat and propaganda editor of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh, said in a statement. At present, the physical condition of custody has improved.

It is learned that Shah Ahmed Shafi was suffering from various health problems for two days. Now the saline is running, the food is served through the rice tubes. Everything is normal and improving. The hospital is under the care of a doctor.

In fact, Centennial Allama Ahmed Shafi suffers from diabetes, hypertension and shortness of breath, along with aging weakness. Due to digestive problems, he was admitted to a private hospital called CSCR, a promoter in Chittagong. Son Maulana Anas Madani seeks blessings from the countrymen for the custody of the custody of Amir.