Saudi Arabia announces closure of Tarabi at the mosque in fasting

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-14 08:02:11

Saudi Arabia announces closure of Tarabi at the mosque in fasting

The rest of Holy Ramadan is not long. Along with the fasting this month, devout Muslims are offering Tarabi prayers in the mosque. However, many countries have stopped praying at mosques this time because of the contagious epidemic coronavirus. Saudi Arabia, which previously suspended Omara Hajj, has suspended Tarabi prayers at mosques this year.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Religious Affairs has requested to send Tarabi prayers in all their mosques instead of the mosque of Muslims, according to Khabar Golf News.

Saudi Religious Minister Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh said that stopping Prayer prayers is more important than stopping to pray five times in a mosque to prevent Corona. Because people are more involved in these prayers. He also urged all citizens to pray to God to help them overcome the disaster.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Religious Ministry has issued instructions that more than 5-6 people could not be present at the funeral of those who have been infected with coronavirus.

The minister said. Abdul Latif said, "It is not proper to gather more than five or six of the relatives of the deceased at the funeral prayers." The virus can spread. Staying at home should pray more for the deceased.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Monday morning, 4,462 people had been infected with coronas in Saudi Arabia. Of them, 59 have died so far.