New sunrise, farewell 1426, welcome 1427.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-14 09:06:11

New sunrise, farewell 1426, welcome 1427.

On the last day of Chaitra, we are leaving for another year. Farewell 1426, welcome 1427. New year means new calendar. New day Monday (13th April) 30 Chaitra. The last day of the 1426th Bengal. Today will be the new sunrise of the new year as soon as it is lost in the bottomless cave of Mahakal. Welcome 1427 .

Goodbye is always painful. The yearbook ends with various calculations. However, the message of the arrival of the new year and the holiday of the old year are the color of the festival. However, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the only problem around this time is the image.

Bengalis could not celebrate this day as a different context every year. This is the hope of the cultural workers, not just in the power of meeting, but in the power of the welfare of everyone from home. Like every year, people will meet in various arrangements on this day. The villagers or the townspeople will be left untouched by the old untrue, ill-fated chaitanya.

Mela, puppet dance, chowk-gazan festival will be celebrated in Bengali. Traders were also supposed to be busy with the halqata. No, this time no hand is in hand. Shoulder does not match. There is no tune playing the advent of truth and beauty. However, will the advancement of Bengali culture stop? It was through culture that Bengalis fought against some. Won. This time, however, Venus disappeared but his footsteps, his spread visible all over the world.

The Bengali shield is now in the house in constant battle with the enemy. If this momentary exile has wished for its own good and for all, it will now become a major force of Bengali culture.

Cultural personalities say, I live according to the instructions of health workers. Then I am sure we can do the calculation correctly next year. Happy New Year will bring hope for everyone.