Corona Test is so straightforward in China!

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-14 16:14:53

Corona Test is so straightforward in China!

There is no alternative to testing to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. Experts have repeatedly warned about this, but many developed countries, such as the United States and the United States, are struggling to provide adequate testing. But the exact opposite is there. The deadly coronavirus was first found in this city in China. Within three months, the epidemic has completely taken control. How? Certainly through extensive testing and advanced medical care.

How easy, fast, and low-cost the Corona Test can be made there, writes a columnist by Brenda Goh.

"I and one of my colleagues have just arrived in the city (center and capital of Hubei province)," he said in a column published on Tuesday in Reuters, telling me to conduct a nuclear test to confirm whether he was foreign or suffering from coronas.

A government official took me to the test site. The only table outside the closed hotel entrance. There was only one medical worker sitting there, all in a hazmat suit, goggles in the eye.

He told me to sit down and ask for personal details. Then he inserted a swab (absorbent) into my throat, almost blocked my voice, and then it was done. The official said the results would be available within a day and a half.

The test was not very pleasant, but it took less than three seconds.

Authorities have begun testing Corona on a mass scale after lifting a seven-day lockdown drawn last week. The term 'nucleic acid test' has become very familiar to the locals. Many organizations are asking employees to do this test before joining work, though it is still not mandatory.

In one of the hospitals in Corona, people are just spitting on a test tube. The test costs only 260 yuan (around 3 thousand 116 taka). And the results are available in the mobile app.

According to official estimates, at least 9 lakh 30 thousand 315 corona tests have been conducted in the country since 21th February.

Officials are advised to further expand and accelerate the nucleic acid test across China, even when questions about its accuracy. Some physicians have even asked patients to wait until the results of the nucleic test are negative at least two to three times before leaving the hospital.

Many cities, such as Beijing, have mandated physical examination of foreigners. However, it is still not certain whether the system will be launched all over China.

Finally, the officials sent the results of my Corona test. It came out negative.