PPE dressed up people are not on the side, the child who died in Corona the family buried.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-14 16:38:43

PPE dressed up people are not on the side, the child who died in Corona the family buried.

Social media has been swirling on Facebook with the parents close to a child who died of coronavirus in Patiya. The baby died on Monday (13th April) in Corona.

Attempts to contact him multiple times from Tuesday morning (14th April), but no comment was received from the Health Department of Chittagong. The civil society of Chittagong says that even though there is so much talk about Corona, there is something else that will not bring any good to anyone.

The social media has gone viral on Facebook, showing four people standing after personal protective equipment (PPE) at Patiya Cemetery. One of the bodies of the deceased child died in the corona. There are two others around her, none of whom are wearing PPE.

According to the news, the name of the person standing in the photo said. Tipu. He is the uncle of the deceased child Ashraful.

Asked about this. Tipu said, “The government gave four people from the Islamic Foundation. They were wearing PPE. However, they did not assist in the removal of the corpse in the bath or in the grave. Just reading the funeral and washing the body showed just that. None of their family had received PPE or anything preventative during the funeral or washing the body. We have done everything ourselves, including bathing Baba Ashraful, taking him to the grave, burying him.

He further said that only three bodies were given when the body was brought home from Chittagong Hospital, which Ashraful's mother, grandmother and another were wearing. Nearly 2,000 homes in the neighborhood have been locked down after the baby's death.

However, his family did not know whether Ashraful was suffering from coronas. Tipu said, “Ashraful children are disabled from birth. He could not walk, or even speak well. Tipu's mother, father, grandmother and aunt were always on the side, including being ill, going to hospital. If the child is killed in Ashraful Corona, then the damage or coronary infection of others has already happened. '

Patiya Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Farzana Jahan Upma claimed that PPE was given to four families of the family including mother and father after the child's death. But they did not use them. The child's family was saying, if coronary infection has already happened, what will happen now!

According to the recommendation of a committee to deal with coronavirus (Covid-19) in Chittagong, if someone dies of coronavirus and dies, he will be buried in a cemetery in Bayazid Bostami area of ​​the city. In addition, a committee was informed on behalf of the Islamic Foundation for the funeral and burial. But in the case of this child with coronas, none of this was acceptable.