Kutubdia police send 50 to Quarantine to prevent Corona

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-15 02:30:13

Kutubdia police send 50 to Quarantine to prevent Corona Kutubdia police

Kutubdia police have sent a total of 50 persons to the institutional home quarantine after locating salt from Narayanganj in Kutubdia upazila of Cox's Bazar district and returning 45 of them secretly (middlemen, mullahs and laborers) and 5 persons from Tablig Jamaat.

Many of them were alleged to have roamed freely from one place to another without following government directives. And the people in the area were in a panic.

Finally, the Kutubdia Police Station today forced everyone to obey and sent everyone to the institutional quarantine. Didarul Ferdous.

It is known that long ago, the administration of the island upazila Kutubdia issued a warning about the Corona virus by micking everywhere. Besides, police are working hard to keep Kutubdia coronet free. Police are guarding the entire coast overnight to prevent relief activities, including social distances, and fearful coronas. In the meantime, 45 persons and fiveTablighs who were selling salt from Narayanganj, finished the Jillah shouting and returned secretly to Kutubdia.

Upon receiving the news, the police managed to overnight guard the boat's middlemen and send them to the quarantine area.

Meanwhile, the entire Cox's Bazar is spending days in terror with Narayanganj. Only then did this shovel occur. But the Kutubdia police did not find any reports of Kutubdia during the police operation. In that case, they are still safe.

OC said. Didarul Ferdous said that on the morning of the last night, mid-Malla, from Narayanganj, had released the salt and returned to the coast of Kutubdia on Saturday night. At 11am, they were all gathered and sent to the informal quarantine.

He further said that till now, Kutubdia police have sent 16 people to the home quarantine and 58 to the institutional quarantine. All of them were local residents of Kutubdia upazila.