World Health Organization suspends US funding: Donald Trump

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-15 23:40:48

World Health Organization suspends US funding: Donald Trump Donald Trump

President Donald Trump ordered the World Health Organization (WHO) to suspend US funding amid the Corona epidemic. Earlier, the US president finally took the action after making a long case against the head of the company.

He ordered the suspension of funding, alleging that the company failed to perform its primary duties during the outbreak of coronavirus.

US President Trump also accused the UN agency of mismanaging the virus after the outbreak began in China and tried to silence the truth.

Before that, he was the WHO chief. Tedros adhanam Gebreyesus accuses China of prejudice.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in response to the US president's decision that now is not the right time to cut funding to the World Health Organization.

Although the US president has criticized the handling of the Coronavirus outbreak in his own country, he said at a White House press conference, "The World Health Organization has failed to fulfill its primary responsibility and must be held accountable."

The United States alone has the largest number of funding from the World Health Organization Fund. Last year, the United States gave $ 1 billion to the fund, which is about1 5% of the company's annual budget.

According to the World Health Organization website, China contributed $ 7.6 crore  and self-donated $ 1 million in 2008-2019.

The company has applied for $ 67 million in March to address the global coronavirus outbreak. In addition, the WHO is reported to be applying for another $ 1 million.

President Trump alleges that when the outbreak of coronavirus began in China, the WHO failed to properly understand its significance.

He said, "If the WHO had examined the situation in China with specialists and exposed the opacity of China, the outbreak would have been controlled at the source, and death would have been much less. But the company did not support the Chinese government's activities.

Earlier, US Republican Senator Martha McShaley had demanded the resignation of the World Health Organization chief because of the Chinese side in the Coronavirus situation. He also criticized China's actions in the management of Corona.