Mobile court will be tried by those who commit corruption with relief: Information Minister

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-17 15:45:01

Mobile court will be tried by those who commit corruption with relief: Information Minister Hasan Mahmood

Information Minister and joint general secretary of the Awami League. Hasan Mahmood says the government has information that there is political fuel in the backdrop of news of protests in various parts of the country. Irregularities in distribution of relief will be taken strictly if corruption is taken. Strict action will be taken against any party that is corrupt.

The information minister said this while addressing a contemporary issue at a government residence on Mintu Road in the capital on Friday afternoon.

The minister further said, "A Chhatra Dal leader has been arrested in Rajshahi for criminal offenses. Will arrest of anyone for criminal offenses be stopped by the government in this situation? In the past few days, you have seen the news of protests in various parts of the country for relief.

But today the news has been published in the media and the government has intelligence that many of these protests were the political fuel. Such protests have been organized by hiring people and organizing them. ”

Stating that the government is planning to provide relief to people in distress, he said, "Not only the government ministries, government agencies such as police forces, district administration, city corporations are also providing relief to people." The hotline is being opened for relief.

I do not know if this arrangement was made in any of the neighboring countries. Even after taking these steps, the BNP has been criticized! '

Hassan Mahmud said the government should take drastic measures against irregularities in relief and said, “There are more than 70,000 local government representatives in Bangladesh. Something happened there. But not even one event is desirable.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given directives to suppress these harsh hands and the government-administration has taken action wherever such incidents occur.

The Prime Minister has already said that nine-sixth of those with relief will be tried through mobile court. A more detailed trial will take place after the regular case. The government does not see any party like it here. The government is determined to stop such irregularities. ”

The minister said, "Some of the names of Awami League have been expelled from their party at village level due to the news of irregularities in relief. Supporters of various groups are involved here.

Supporters of various parties have been involved in such corruption in the events that have taken place in the last few days. There are several BNP's here too. However, the government is taking drastic action against any party, regardless of which opinion it is.