PM calls on Bangladesh to build gold in Mujibnagar Day

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-17 15:54:47

PM calls on Bangladesh to build gold in Mujibnagar Day Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the countrymen to send a historic Mujibnagar Day and urged the nation's father to build a gold Bangladesh of hunger-poverty and happiness-rich dreams.

The Prime Minister made the call in a statement on Thursday (17th April) on the occasion of the historic 'Mujibnagar Day'.

Sheikh Hasina said, Awami League has been relentlessly working for the welfare of the people since the formation of the government continuously. We are implementing the unfinished work of the Father of the Nation.

Bangladesh has already achieved unprecedented success in the socio-economic field. Developed from the list of developed countries to the Qatar of the developing countries. The village is being transformed into a city. Today we stand proudly as the nation of self-respect.

Referring to17th  April as "an unforgettable day" in the history of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said, "10th April, the Father of the Nation made Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the Vice President, Syed Nazrul Islam the Vice President and Tajuddin Ahmed the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

The first government of independent Bangladesh was sworn in at Amrakan in Baidyanathtala in Meherpur district on 17th April 1971. On the same day, the Declaration of Independence was approved. From that day the place became known as 'Mujibnagar'.

On this historic day, the Prime Minister paid deep respect to the architect of the independent Bangladesh, the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He remembered four national leaders.

They also paid tribute to the martyrs and oppressed mothers and sisters in the liberation war. He also apologized to the war-martyred freedom fighters and the families of the martyrs and sought forgiveness and peace of the martyrs' souls.

The Prime Minister said, "On the first watch of 26th March 1971, the father of the nation declared independence. At his command, the liberated Bengali nation jumped into an armed resistance war against Pakistani invading forces.

With the swearing in of the independent Bangladesh government on 17th April, the liberation war and the management of the government became institutionalized. ”

Sheikh Hasina said, "During the time of independence, this government united people of all classes and occupations including political parties, the armed forces, police and the then EPR.

On 16th December, the final victory was achieved with the help of the Allies. Bangladesh is an independent sovereign state at the heart of the world. ”

The Prime Minister said, “On 15 August 1975, three and a half years of independence, the anti-liberation powerlessness killed the father of the nation in the family.

Four national leaders who led the liberation war were brutally killed in a jail cell on 3rd November, two and a half months after the Awami League was completely destroyed. "

Referring to the fact that there was no democracy in Bangladesh for 21 years after the assassination of the father of the nation, Sheikh Hasina said, "The rule of law and the rights of the people fall under the boot of military tyranny.

The history of the War of Liberation was distorted. Opponents of independence are made partners of state power. After the formation of the Awami League government in the people's vote, democracy returned to the country again.

People get their rights back. The rule of the Awami League up to 1996-2001 was a golden age for Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister said, "The Bengali nation has been exempted from execution of the trial and verdict in the traditional court of Bangabandhu killers.

A trial has been completed in the murder case of four national leaders killed in the jail. A verdict is being executed for the war criminals against the humanity.

We commemorate 25th March  as 'Genocide Day', the day of the brutal killing of Pakistani forces and their allies.