For corona patients 300 bucks a meal and 14 instructions

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-19 12:45:52

For corona patients 300 bucks a meal and 14 instructions

The Prime Minister's Office has directed the Health Department to implement the 14 point plan, including ensuring allotment of patients with coronavirus in the country and implementing a 300 taka allocation for providing quality food to them.

The decision was made to implement the workshops in a video conference on 15th April  at the Health Department with the Chief Secretary, Chief Coordinator, Secretary and other senior officials of the Prime Minister's Office.

On 16th April, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry's Health Services Department said. A letter signed by Asadul Islam is mentioned in 14 point.

The clauses are:

>> An experienced manpower should be appointed in ICUs in different hospitals.

>> Quality and price must be verified in the purchase of PPE, sufficient PPE reserves must be ensured.

>> The body should collect the transport bag and send it to the field level and to the hospital immediately.

>> All PPE purchases that have been ordered must be ensured to ensure timely supply.

>> One PPE needs to ensure that all of the protective equipment is in place.

>> Analyze / review the situation and decide on the lockdown deadline extension. To take the final decision in light of the direction received from the Prime Minister's Office in this regard.

>> The Secretary, Department of Health Education and Family Welfare will take urgent steps regarding the use of Anwar Khan Modern Hospital (Private) as Corona Dedicated Hospital.

>> The decision was taken to discuss with the hospital chairman from the Prime Minister's Office to use the Holy Family Hospital as a (private) Corona dedicated hospital.

>> Monitoring needs to be strengthened to ensure the accommodation and feeding system of doctors and nurses.

>> The patient should take measures to determine the price of food at Rs. Health care workers involved in coronary treatment should ensure good food supply.

>> Disciplinary action should be taken, including cancellation of the driver's license if the drivers are not in charge

>> The procurement process must be accelerated to ensure adequate ventilator collection.

>> An advisory committee has been decided to form an advisory committee with the renowned physicians of the country to provide advice on controlling coronas.

>> It has been decided to request the BMDC to issue a directive that the doctors working in the private institution should not quit their jobs or refuse medical services while treating coronary disease.