People's gathering at the funeral: ASP, OC withdrawn

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-19 15:18:11

People's gathering at the funeral: ASP, OC withdrawn funeral

Three officers, including Circle ASP, OC, have been withdrawn during a public rally at Brahmanbaria. In addition, a three-member inquiry committee has been constituted to investigate the incident.

Sohel Runner, AIG (media) of the police headquarters on Sunday (19th April), said the information.

Earlier, OC Shahdat Hossain Titu was withdrawn for failing to fulfill his duties in the incident. On Saturday (18th April), at the direction of the police headquarters, he was withdrawn and asked to be added to the district police line. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Special Branch of the District Police. Alauddin confirmed the matter.

Meanwhile, a three-member inquiry committee has been set up with the DIG (administration and finance) as the chairman of the Chittagong Range to investigate the incident. The other two members of the committee are Additional Superintendent of Crime (Crime) of Chittagong Range and Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration) of Brahmanbaria district. The committee has been asked to submit the report by 22th April, 2012.

In the context of the Corona situation, millions of people were gathered at the renowned Islamic negotiator and senior deputy of Bangladesh Khilafat Majlis, Amir Mawlana Zobair Ahmed Ansari, without ignoring the lockdown. The funeral was held on Saturday morning. It is alleged that the local administration played a silent role in the situation.

The funeral was held on Saturday morning at the Jamia Rahmania Barela Madrasa premises. From morning, people from different districts of the capital and different places of the city, from pick up van to pick up vehicles.

Later, the funeral started at around 10am. People spread madrasas on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway. On one side, the World Road turns to Serial, and on the other hand, near Ashuganj, the eels of people stumble.

Apart from that, there was a crowd of people on the roofs of various buildings around the area. But even though there were some policemen, they were a silent spectator.

Maulana Jobar Ahmed Ansari breathed his last at his residence at Markaspara in the city of Brahmanbaria on Friday (17th April).

Zobair Ahmed was the founding principal of Naebe Amir and Beratala Madrasah of the Khilafat Majlis, Bangladesh. Besides, he has established several madrasas. He has a reputation around the world as an Islamic negotiator.