'Chattogram Field Hospital' to launch on 21th April.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-19 21:37:16

'Chattogram Field Hospital' to launch on 21th April. Chattogram Field Hospital

The deadly coronavirus is killing people every day. Chittagong's Corona situation is also deteriorating day by day. In the meantime, the people of Chittagong said good news for the people of this region. Lightning Barua. Chittagong Field Hospital is launching on Tuesday (21th April) to treat coronavirus with the help of its initiative and the Navana Group.

On the evening of Sunday (19th April), the organizer of the hospital and the former Vice-President of the Dhaka Medical College Student Parliament (VP) Dr Chittagong gave the good news to the people of Chittagong. Lightning Barua.

He said, "The good news for Chittagong residents is that, despite the short work, we have finished 24 hours a day, preparing our field hospital for the treatment of corona."

Chittagong Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, Divisional Health Director Hasan Shahriar Kabir and Vice Chairman of Navana Group Sajedul Islam visited the hospital this afternoon.

All preparations for the hospital have already been completed. The Chittagong Field Hospital is set to launch on Tuesday (21th April ), with some more setup and administrative work completed by tomorrow. From that day onwards we will take the patient admission. '

Who will give medical treatment?

Some young doctors of Chittagong have expressed their desire to operate this hospital on their own initiative. They will help young volunteers volunteer.

Dr. Vidyut Barua said, "We have already formed a ten member physician team to treat coronary patients. Besides, 5 nurses and 3 medical assistants will assist us. Beyond that, there is a volunteer team of 100 to help with the ancillary work. "

"These doctors, nurses and volunteers will voluntarily provide medical care to the patients," he said. Since taking part in this war can put an immense risk on one's life, the family and I will be obliged if there is any loss or illness. In this case, they are coming to the hospital with the promise that the hospital authorities and anyone concerned cannot be held responsible. ”

How many will receive medical treatment?

The Nawana Group is cooperating with Land and Buildings in connection with the establishment of Chittagong Field Hospital for the treatment of corona. Field hospitals are also being prepared with the help of various industry groups and the general public.

Dr. Vidyut Barua said, “At present we are setting up 37 beds. There are also 5 ventilators. There is also an ambulance and a microbus for transporting patients and doctors. There are plans to gradually increase the required facilities. Already we have collected the necessary protective equipment for doctors, nurses and volunteers. However, at present we cannot provide ICU facilities to patients. However, we have had discussions with the Divisional Health Director and Civil Surgeon. Patients will be able to access ICU of General Hospital if necessary. '

Talking about the initiative, Nabana Group Manager Arfadur Rahman said, "On 29th March, the Prime Minister, along with Bashundhara Gr oup, proposed to the Prime Minister's hospital in Chittagong. At that time, the Prime Minister said, if you can, you see. Then we said. Contact the electricity supplier. He is working with Chittagong Health Department to start a field hospital. ”

Dr. Bidyut Barua  working at American International University as a public health faculty. Talking about the start of the initiative, Bidyut Barua said, “When Akiz and Bashundhara announced to have a field hospital in Dhaka, I felt that something needed to happen in Chittagong. Because it's not a matter of a day or two. Therefore, it is not possible to give medical treatment to the general hospitals. And if coronary patients are being served in these hospitals, the general patients will be denied service. '

'From that thought I started talking to different people in Chittagong. The Navana group contacted us later on a status quote I had on Facebook. I didn't go to the rich. Millions of users have already joined our Facebook group. If you make a hundred bucks a million ordinary people make a million, what is impossible? The common man is the life force of this initiative. They are the most courageous. People have come forward, sending various medical supplies as a support, said Dr.Bidyut Barua .