Police arrest woman in Karnaphuli

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-20 18:59:31

Police arrest woman in Karnaphuli Parvin

It is like a 'blow on the die' in the Corona situation. Police arrested Parvin (45), a local woman, on suspicion of apprehending a boy in Karnaphuli and handed him over to the police. The incident took place at Khoyajnagar village of Charpatharghata Union on 20th April(Monday) at 4 pm.
Locals said that this afternoon, the passenger saw the woman walking around the road adjacent to the Gura Mia Jam Mosque in Khwajnagar of Charpatharghata Union. Even the woman on the watermelon bespoke to the side or seen talking to a woman. On seeing this situation, some of the locals came forward and informed the Karnaphuli police station as it seemed random to give the correct answer when asked about the woman's name and address.
Locals said that some time ago, another incident like this was done in disguise of the monk in the adjoining Bashir Member Colony. They try to take the little boy with him by tempting him to buy chocolate. That's why they informed the police.
Later, a police patrol team led by SI Rafiqul Islam of Karnaphuli police station arrived at the spot and arrested the woman and took her to the police station. The detained woman could not say where her home was. It may be that he is a crazy or psychotic patient.

Asked about the operation of the Karnaphuli police station, Aurang Zeb said, "No comment can be made until the officer of the mobile party has investigated the authenticity. However, the woman looks abnormal. Therefore, no comment can be made at this time. '
Karnaphuli police station sub-inspector Rafiqul Islam said, “People in the area arrested the woman on suspicion of being a boy. Later, I rescued the woman from the area and brought her to the police station. The detained woman appears to be emotionally disturbed and mad. The woman vaguely stated her name once as a diamond and another time Parveen. There was nothing quite like the front of the woman's bag. Even then, the police are taking action to save lives. There is nothing to worry about. '