Satipara Advanced Society Champion in Al-Amin Pada Short Pitch Cricket Tournament

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-23 19:52:09

Satipara Advanced Society Champion in Al-Amin Pada Short Pitch Cricket Tournament Satipara Advanced Society Champion in Al-Amin Pada Short Pitch Cricket Tournament

Sports Strength Sports Sports, Satipaara Advanced Society championed by the Al-Amin Para Sport Cricket Tournament organized by the Al-Amin Para Sporting Club of Satkania upazila in front of the slogan on the field. The final game of the tournament was held in Al-Amin Para on the occasion of the 25th International Mother Language Day. The game was directed by Md. Riaz Uddin and Md. Hanif. Md. Emon gave the commentary on the play. The tournament, which is organized by 5 teams, started on January 5. Satipara Advanced Society defeated Evergreen Sporting Club in the game.

After the game, the guests give away prizes to the players. Alhaj Jan Alam, the chief adviser of the organization, presided over the awards ceremony. Bashir Ahmed Chowdhury, Vice-President of Satkania Upazila Awami League was the chief guest. The chief guest was Mohammad Zubair, the mayor of Satkania Municipality. Special guest was Vice-Chairman of Satkania Upazila Salauddin Hassan Chowdhury, Satkania Sadar Union Parishad Chairman Nezam Uddin, Amir Uddin Chowdhury, Humayun Kabir Chowdhury, Nasir Uddin Chowdhury, Haji Mohammad Ismail, Sahadam Uddin, Jasir Uddin, Parvez, Abdul Gafur, Rubel, Shafi, Enam, Osman, Shamim, Mamun, Farooq, Mannan, Siraj, Mahmudul Haque People ista sports lover.

Founder President of Al-Amin Para Sporting Club Md. Mizanur Rahman said that Al-Amin Para Sporting Club is a social, cultural and sporting voluntary organization. I am very happy with the volunteer work. The committee is one of the main stages of building a beautiful society, an ideal nation. From social responsibility, we formed a social management committee with some young brothers and friends. Today we established this sports organization with the youth in the 21st. Young people are wealth of the next day, young people think that in the coming days, a beautiful society can be formed. Where there will be various types of criminal activities including torture, evangelism, child marriage, drug abuse, they will fight against the leaders of the organization. And I am very pleased that this club is giving a beautiful gift to Sirathnavi (s) Mahfil, football game, cricket game, badminton game, soft pitch cricket game every year. Al-Amin Parah Sporting Club is such a beautiful sport that can give gifts every year, I seek the cooperation of area residents to advance in sports and cultural activities, and I work tirelessly for all the social activities that the club has to offer. I can be indebted to Tk 1 lakh but not corrupt. If you can educate the youth in good education, if you can teach them to build a corruption free society, then the youth will one day make this gold Bangla diamond diamond. They will be the next day's Kandahari.