Student Council elections were completed in Chandanishe Primary School

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-23 19:56:56

Student Council elections were completed in Chandanishe Primary School Student Council elections were completed in Chandanishe Primary School

Students' council elections have been completed in four government primary schools of Chandnayesh Upazila of Chittagong as the country. The results were announced on Sunday (February 28) from 8am to 5pm after taking the vote. Upon inspection, two secret booths were set up in front of the national election in the school rooms of Raizoara Government Primary School in Dohazari Municipality of Upazila. Ballot boxes, ballot papers have been printed in the names of the candidates. 4 candidates from 3rd grade, 4 from 4th grade and 4 from 8th grade are contesting. Earlier, they had printed the leaflets, posters and prayed for voters to vote for them. Voters stand on the long line at the primary school gate on Sunday. Thus, those who stand to vote with great enthusiasm are the third to fifth grade students of the school.

Voters' fingerprints are being touched by irrelevant ink. The school's Student Council will be selected by a vote of three small voters of the school. Assistant teacher of the school, Tahira Begum, said that a large number of arrangements have been made for the voting of petty voters. For this purpose, 4 Election Presiding Officers, 2 Assistant Presiding Officers, 1 Polling Officer, 1 Polling Agent, 1 Ansar and 2 Volunteers have been appointed.

Seven councilors will be elected by a direct vote of 5 students and 122 students. Under the leadership of these seven councilors, the students of the school will later conduct their various development activities. Talking to more than one student after voting, they said that like the elders, they are also electing representatives by voting through elections. These representatives will take care of their disadvantages in the school. They are very happy to vote for life first.

At 2 pm, the election results were announced by Assistant Presiding Officer, a student of the 8th grade. 5 votes cast in 5 votes. 1 vote was rejected. In the results obtained from the third category, Mohammad Abtahi Eresh (votes 1) and Borak Noor Tanni (1 votes). Their nearest rivals are Rumana (votes 1), Tanvir (votes 12) and Shahin (votes 1). Munmun Akhter (votes 1) and Md. Rakib Uddin were elected from the fourth category. Their nearest rivals are Simon (votes 1) and Nadia (votes 1).
Zuma Akhter (voting 1), Rabiul Hasan Rifat (voting 1) and Nurul Abchar (voting 1) were selected from the fifth grade. Their nearest rivals are Rumman (votes 1) and Mim (votes 1).
Asked about the feeling of victory, the elected said, "We will assist sir and madam (teachers) in various tasks including tree planting, cleanliness. We will assist students in various problems."

Tinku Kanti Das, the head teacher of the school, said, "This election will create democratic consciousness among the soft children. They will develop a spirit of leadership development and mutual cooperation. This will have a positive impact on the minds of the children."

Contextually, since childhood, respect for democratic practices and democratic values, tolerance and respect for the views of others, assisting the school board in teaching and learning in schools, preventing students from attending school and developing learning environment, In keeping with the objective of ensuring participation, the Students' Council was constituted by direct election to the 8 primary schools in 20 upazilas of 4 districts of the country.