There will be major changes in admission to college.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-27 21:10:45

There will be major changes in admission to college.

A draft policy has been formulated by the Inter-Education Coordinator and the Dhaka Board of Education for making major changes in admission to Class XI in colleges and madrasas.

Important changes have been made in the policy including quota cancellation, registration fee increase, SMS application cancellation. The Inter-Education Coordination Board has proposed that the admission application be started on 10th May  and end 25th June.

The Eleventh Class Draft Policy-2020 was introduced at a meeting organized by the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education on Thursday (27th February ). Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni and the secretary of the department. Mahbub Hossain was present.

According to the draft policy, quotas have been canceled this year while retaining quota of freedom fighters, expatriates and BKSP in admission to class XI this year. To reduce the complexity and cost of admission process, it is proposed to cancel the application process via SMS and apply online only. Admission confirmation fee has been proposed to be fixed at Tk 135 instead of Tk 130. That is, the name in the final list is actually a student who has to pay this amount.

It is learned that the admission policy was laid out by the Inter-Education Coordinator and Dhaka Education Board at the meeting. As well as the rationale of the changes proposed, Professor Md. Ziaul Haq. The ministry has informed that the draft policy will be finalized within the next one week.

According to the policy, 10 colleges or madrasas have been allowed to apply online this time. It will be charged 150 Taka. As a result, SMS can not be applied for admission through mobile phone. Earlier, a fee of Tk 120 was charged for each application via mobile SMS.

The quota of the subordinate offices of the departmental and district headquarters, education departments, has been abolished by retaining 5 percent quota of freedom fighters, BKSP 0.5 and expatriate 0.5 percent as special quota for educational institutes without the hundred percent merit quota.

This time, the admission fee for the eleventh grade has been fixed at Tk 5,000 for private education institute in Dhaka metropolitan area. Apart from this, a fee of Rs 9,000 will be fixed for the admission of Bangla medium of partial MPO affiliated and non-MPOB organization in Dhaka and Tk 10,000 for English medium admission. The development fee for all the institutions cannot be more than Rs. Instructions have been issued for receipt of money in each sector.

Besides, the admission fee for the municipal and municipal areas has been fixed at Tk 1,000, Tk 2,000 at the municipal district headquarters, and no more than Tk 3,000 in metropolitan areas other than Dhaka.

According to the policy, the application for the first phase of the 11th class online will be accepted from 10th to 20th May . From 27 to 31 June , scrutiny, objections and settlement activities will take place. The results of the first phase will be released on 8th June. However, in the re-examination, SSC exam result changers will have the opportunity to apply from 1st June to 5th June.

The second phase of the application will begin on 17th June, ending 20th June. The results of this step will be published after 8pm the same day. The third phase will begin on 23th June and continue till 25th June . The results of this step will be released on 25th  June at 8 pm.

Asked about the change in policy, the college inspector of Dhaka Education Board said. Aaron Aur Rashid told Jago News, "This year, there are a number of important changes in the admission policy for Class XII." Various irregularities and sufferings are generated in the application process through SMS. Many college authorities applied without the permission of the applicant. Later on all the problems came to the Board of Education and shouted. To solve this problem, it is proposed to cancel the application process on mobile and start online.

He said, "The proposal for registration of admission in the draft policy has been fixed at Tk 130 instead of Tk 135 for registration. The policy has been sent to the Ministry of Education, ”he said, adding that it could be finalized within the next one week.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni's presided. Secretary of the department. Mahbub Hossain, officials of various departments of the Ministry of Education, and the principals of the government-owned and private educational institutions were present.