10 injured in armed attack in Satkania

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-29 15:23:23

10 injured in armed attack in Satkania

At least ten people, including two women, of a family were injured in armed attacks by mercenary terrorists during protests during a forced construction of  night at a disputed site in Satkania.

The incident took place on Friday (28th February ) in the Temeuhani area of ​​the upazila. The names of the five men were injured in the attack. They are - Md. King Mia, Md. Zafar, Md. Chhaber, Abdul Gafur and the heart.

Eyewitnesses said that despite the court's permanent ban on the site of Temuhani Mouza, a group of people were trying to construct the building by disobeying it. The construction was under the leadership of Yusuf, the accused in multiple cases. Abdul Gafur, the owner of the area, protested when tenants led by Yusuf attacked with firearms, kirch and lathisota. Ten people were injured. Tensions have been pouring into the area since the incident.

Officer-in-charge of Satkania Police Station (OC) Shafiul Azam said that a total of five persons have been sued by mentioning the names of five people. Immediately after the incident, the police arrested Abdul Rahim and Enam, the life-long convicts of the hired terrorist and rape case. The operation is underway to arrest the rest.

Sources said the case has been going on in the court for a long 20 years with some land in Temuhani Mouza. However, a party is trying to forcibly construct a well-structured structure, disobeying the court's ban on the land. The Chittagong Additional District Judge's Court (Miss Case No (18/20) Criminal Section 145) on 13th January and Satkanya Senior Assistant Judge's Court, however, did not appeal the ban. Instead, they were forced to carry out construction work on the night with threats and intimidation.

Abul Bashar, the plaintiff's defendant, said the case was filed in Satkania Senior Assistant Judge's Court against the defendant in the 2000, against the 818th place of 2307 Khatian and 3658 of Khatuhani Mouza.

The case is still pending in court. But before the case was settled, the deceased Nur Nabi's two sons. Under the influence of Yusuf and Shamsul Alam, mercenaries armed with armed weapons were forcibly occupying the area at night and were working to construct a permanent structure. In the second round of attacks last night, 5 people including two women members of my family were injured. Earlier in January, they attacked four people, including a woman from my family, for the first time.