Who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-29 15:31:25

Who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Malaysia's political crisis is taking its toll. Sleep has been forbidden by members of parliament, speakers, leaders of political parties.

There is a series of meetings going on day and night. The controversy between Mahathir Mohammed and Anwar Ibrahim, both publicly and unknowingly, has been formidable for decades now.

The situation in Malaysia's political turmoil, when the chairman of the Election Commission of Tunghe announced on Friday evening, his company is ready to hold new elections in the country. Political observers believe that the Speaker will abolish Parliament at the suggestion of the king if the new prime minister of the parliament fails the election on March 2. Prime Minister of the interim government has called an emergency parliament session to handle the situation. Mahathir Mohammed. If no party in the session can prove their majority in the parliament, cannot elect a new prime minister, then King Abdullah of Fahang will call for a new election.

On 22th February , former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is the oldest Prime Minister of the world. Mahathir Mohamed and his party, Preebumi Bersatu, accused Malaysia of betraying them saying that they were planning to form a new government, and that was probably the case. Then, on 23th February , the 94-year-old Prime Minister resigned. Mahathir Mohammed. Dr. At the same time, Mahathir also resigned from the post of chief of political party Bersatu. It is not yet clear who will be the next Prime Minister or his new election after his sudden resignation.

Leaders and parliamentarians of various political parties have been meeting in secret about who can be the next Prime Minister. Passing busy time. Friday afternoon said. Mahathir Mohammed's party has declared party chairman Muhiuddin Yasin as the prime ministerial candidate. Although MPs from other parties in the newly-abolished coalition government are seeking to support Mahathir. Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has joined the PKR's six parliamentarians.

Last Friday, after several rounds of talks, everyone in the coalition agreed to support Bersatu's chairman Muhiuddin Yasin. If the Prime Minister is elected in the country, the support of at least 112 MPs will be needed.

Relevant, Dr. Mahathir has long been the founder of the Bersatu National Party and served as the Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003 years. Anwar Ibrahim was then deputy prime minister of his government. But Mahathir later dismissed Anwar Ibrahim in the  1998 wake of the leadership conflict. During the last government, Najib's government was sent to jail for corruption. Anwar was elected MP while in jail.

There is nothing to say in politics

Political leaders are hesitant to even combine with the most hostile party for power. Prior to Mahathir's last election, prisoner Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan allied with the Harapan party.

The Mahathir-Anwar alliance won the election by campaigning against the then Prime Minister Najib Razzaq, and later took charge of the Prime Minister, saying that he would hand over power to Anwar. Mahathir Mohammed.

If Muhiddin Yasin is elected as prime minister, more 16 MPs (112 votes total) will be needed to prove a majority in the parliament.

On the other hand, the Pakatan Harapan alliance has endorsed 20 MPs, Anwar Ibrahim, as the next prime minister. He needs the support of 92 more MPs to form the government.

On the other hand, it has eighteen MPs and it has ten MPs. If Sarawak supports Muhiuddin Yasin, he will be able to form a government and the country's political crisis will be cut off.