Finally, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is Muhiddin Yassin.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-29 16:45:05

Finally, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is Muhiddin Yassin.

In the end, all the dramatists have been appointed as the prime minister of Malaysia, Muhiddin Yasin, Prime Minister Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah of King Pahang of the country.

The King announced on Saturday that Muhiddin Yasin will be sworn in as the eighth Prime Minister of the country at 10:30 am local time tomorrow.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, the country's 24-year-old Prime Minister, resigned abruptly on  24th February . However, the king ordered him to be appointed interim prime minister until the appointment of a prime minister and the formation of a cabinet.

Earlier, Raja had interviewed 222 MPs in the parliament. Mahathir Mohammed and Anwar Ibrahim had been in the fight for power for over two decades. However, the prime minister, who passed Anwar Ibrahim, is Muhiddin Yasin.

Muhithin Yasin was the Home Minister in Mahathir's government. Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's party PKR 11  lawmaker has supported him to run for the post of Prime Minister. Mahathir's party has already announced the name of Muhiddin as the prime ministerial candidate.