Twenty queen of the dreaded dark world in the city.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-29 17:16:22

Twenty queen of the dreaded dark world in the city.

There are at least 20 'queens' in the unpleasant dark world in the city.

Who is known as the empress of the dark world. Under their leadership, anti-social activities took place in various places of Chittagong. Sitting at their campsite is a gambling room. Dance style in the Arabian style overnight.

There have been allegations that some unscrupulous police officers and politicians have been involved in the Papiad. They have become overwhelmed by the dark world behind them.

Chittagong Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (North) Vijay Basak said, "After receiving the complaint earlier, two stops have been closed. We do not currently have news of such a theater. The investigation will be taken and necessary action will be taken, ”she said. If anyone is involved in this activity, disciplinary action will be taken against him. ”

According to the search, there are over 20 people in different areas of Chittagong city, the Queen of the Dark World. People from different walks of life, including wealthy businessmen, administrative officials, politicians, police officers, joined them. There have been allegations made by local influential politicians and police officers in the wake of the arena. These dark queens are overwhelming in their direct use. One of the dunks of these dark worlds.

Rekha has set up anti-social and drug paraphernalia at the house of 5 Number Road in the arid Khulshi area next to the Khulshi police station of the CMP. In the face of his dera is a local influential politician in the 'da' chamber and a police inspector in the 'sa' chamber. Mum and her husband, Kamruzzaman Suman, have an anti-social and drug lodge on Road No.1 near Panchlaish police station. Kamruzzaman Suman introduces himself as one of the most influential politicians in Chandpur district. In addition, they have a partnership of a police officer of Panchlaish police station.

It is alleged that a portion of the proceeds of the anti-social activities of Mim goes into the pocket of the policeman. A business organization leader and a leader of Chittagong Northern District Women's League have also been accused of supplying beautiful women and girls to hyperfile persons. The two leaders came to the discussion after Papaya. In which some pictures of one of the prominent women league leaders of Dhaka along with ex-leader Papiya went viral through social media.

One of the emperors of the dark world of Chittagong is Shahnaz Didi of Panchlaish police station, Don Mina, wife of Shahabuddin, alleged cashier of Halishahar police station, Rosina Akter and her husband of Bandar thana area, Michael Shabar of Khabarpur area of ​​Chalpazar area, Michael Nabani of Khabarpur area. Suma thought Rani Aktar of Agrabad area under Doublemurring police station Najma Begum is one of them. There are allegations that local influential politicians and some dishonest officers of the police are behind the scenes of these anti-social activities.