The movie is being made with 'Buck's brother'

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-02 11:17:15

The movie is being made with 'Buck's brother' Buck's brother

In the beginning of the nineties, the most popular drama in Bangladesh television was 'Nobody Elsewhere'. The main character of this timeless play was named 'Bakr's brother'. Actor Asaduzzaman Noor plays Bach's brother. It has wide acceptance for people of all classes. Yet it has a place in the hearts of the visitors.

This character, created by the acclaimed novelist Humayun Ahmed, is on the big screen this time. Film director Wazed Ali Suman is going to produce the movie titled 'Bakr Bhai'. The story is written by Nandit playwright and novelist Masum Reza.

The makers registered the name 'Bakar Bhai' in the Bangladesh Film Directors Association on Tuesday (25th February). Meanwhile, pre-production work has begun.

Director Wajed Ali Suman said that for a long time I was planning to make a good and original story movie. From that thought I started working with 'Buck's brother'. Masum Reza Bhai writes the story. The movie will be made into a completely original story. But we have not finalized the heroine yet.

Masum Reza has been greeted by writing stories of 'cloudy skies' and 'Bapasan's boscope'. In addition to his screenplay, the movie 'Molla Ghar Ghar' has become a superhit. He holds the National Film Award. He is writing the story of 'Bakr's brother'.

Referring to the movie, Masum Reza said, "There is no one anywhere" in the movie. It is being made into a completely new and original story. However, certain aspects of Buck's brother character will be highlighted in this. It is also a new form. Which will be displayed on the screen from a fan's perspective.

The director said that the shooting of 'Bach's brother' is expected to begin in late March. Earlier, the selection of the artist and the work of the story will be completed.