Joy Bangla is not a party slogan, it is a slogan of liberation: Information Minister

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-10 17:40:55

Joy Bangla is not a party slogan, it is a slogan of liberation: Information Minister Information Minister

Informing the High Court that Joy Bangla should be adopted as a national slogan, from now on, all the BNP and the Joy Bangla slogans have to be commented. Hasan Mahmud. The information minister said this while exchanging views with journalists on contemporary issues in the Secretariat's meeting on Tuesday (10th March ).

Hasan Mahmood said Joy Bangla is not a slogan of any party. This is our release slogan. Those who are ashamed of this slogan will no longer be ashamed of this judgment. As you all know, the High Court has given a verdict today, to accept Joy Bangla as a national slogan. This is the desired verdict, we welcome this verdict. Now those who are ashamed to give this slogan, according to the judgment of the court should win Bangla slogan, respecting the laws and courts of the country and respect the independence of the country.

'The key to our fight for independence and realization was slogan - Joy Bangla. Joy Bangla was our release slogan, it was not a party. As a result, after the High Court verdict, I expect everyone from BNP to give Joy Bangla slogan from now on. ”

Responding to a question to reporters regarding the reorganization of the Mujib Year, the information minister said that various political, social organizations and institutions took huge initiatives for the government, parties and the entire countrymen to celebrate the birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But Prime Minister Corona has narrowed those programs by thinking of the public interest in the threat of the virus. At the same time, he said that the program should be rearranged. No events have been canceled. In the current global context, these programs are being reorganized only after the coronary virus has been identified in Bangladesh.

The information minister said that world leaders had agreed to attend the Mujib Year in Bangladesh. The visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was announced by the Government of India. The preparations were being made in both the countries on the day Narendra Modi visited the National Committee to commemorate the Mujib Year, which would be abolished. It was later suspended.

Commenting that BNP has started politics with the Corona virus, Hasan Mahmud said that BNP should stand with the people rather than do politics with the Corona virus. This is a global disaster. This is not just happening in Bangladesh. Natural disasters have reduced world aviation. Until Donald Trump, at least he is not leaving the White House. World leaders are canceling various events. Various measures have been taken in different countries. In the midst of this disaster, those who do politics for the people should stand by the people.

Criticizing the BNP on the Corona issue, the information minister added that a meeting of Bangladesh Awami League executive was held yesterday. There, the Prime Minister has directed the leaders to keep the people dirty. But the BNP has not started doing politics with Corona. It is not right to seek politics in all things. The words Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir gave yesterday, they are actually involved in making fun of the Corona virus. They are always worried about Khaleda Zia's health. Although the Corona virus was spread all over the world, they had no vision. I think if you do politics for the people, then don't do politics with the Corona virus.