Corona attack Trump!

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-11 07:48:23

Corona attack Trump!

US President Donald Trump has been vocal about being infected with coronavirus. Because he has recently been approached by five people, including the Chief of Staff and Congress, who are currently in quarantine over suspicion of having coronas. However, the Trump Times has not yet been tested, The Straits Times reported. As a result, he has been accused of being infected with coronas.

North Carolina veteran Republican Congressman Mark Meadows recently visited Quarantine. He traveled to Quarantine shortly after taking part in a trip with President Trump. Earlier on Monday (9th March ), two other Republican congressional members - Doug Doug Collins of Georgia and Matt Gates of Florida - voluntarily went to Quarantine.

Texas senator Ted Cruz detained himself before the three suspected Corona.

President Trump attended an event on 29th February, attended by Doug Collins and Matt Gates. The US President spoke at the conference on coronavirus in the state of Maryland. The two US parliamentarians traveled to Quarantine shortly after taking part in the event. As a result, Trump has also been reported to have infected Corona.

However, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has ruled out the possibility of being attacked by the president.

In a statement, he said, "The president has not yet needed to conduct the Covid-19 test. Because he has not yet come to a patient with the virus. Besides, there were no signs of coronary infection in the president.

"The president's health is excellent and he is being closely monitored," the statement added.

He met with Trump at the airport when Doug Collins went to Atlanta to attend a Corona confrontation event last Friday. Earlier on Monday, Senator Matt Gates traveled to Washington on an air force plane with Trump.

Both of them are currently in Quarantine. It is reported that Doug Collins and Matt Gates announced their voluntary visit to Quarantine after being approached by a patient at the Conservative Political Action Conference recently.

The former Republican congressman Mark Meadow has gone to Quarantine. Although the body was not found coronary in the test. Still, he decided to remain separate until next Wednesday.

So French TV channel France-Twenty-Four says that if these Congressmen are attacked, then Trump's fear of being coronated cannot be ruled out.