Police checkpost in Cox's Bazar to stop tourists.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-19 13:15:43

Police checkpost in Cox's Bazar to stop tourists.

Police have set up checkpoints at Chakriya, known as the gateway to the district, to control the crowds at Cox's Bazaar or any tourist spot. Superintendent of Police (SP) ABM Masud Hossain said the checkpost was working under the control of Cox's Bazar District Police in the Harbang Inani Resort area of ​​Chakriya on the Cox's Bazar-Chittagong Highway.

The SP said the decision had to be taken to prevent corona virus infection. Cox's Bazar is the capital of tourism, with a host of tourists, students, picnic parties, corporate houses and conferences for various reasons. Due to the more than one million Rohingya currently in humanitarian shelters, hundreds of NGO workers also gather in cities and neighborhoods. The district administration has decided to avoid all such public gatherings to prevent Corona infection. The public has been discouraging crowds on the beach since Wednesday afternoon.

He further said that a check post has been set up by Cox's Bazar District Police at Harbang Hotel Inani Resort Point on the Chakariya Highway on the highway to find people coming to Cox's Bazar. The checkpost will remain active for 24 hours. Under no circumstances will the students be allowed to roam the cox's market Likewise, ordinary tourists will also be discouraged from visiting Cox's Bazar unless the next situation is normal.

SP Masud Hossain said that to spread awareness about the Corona virus, Cox's Bazar District Police has been distributing the mics and leaflets from Cox's Bazar on Wednesday (18th March ). Cox's Bazar city, tourist spot and surrounding areas will be regularly monitored by the police. Already, tourists and others who have come to Cox's Bazar have been requested to leave Cox's Bazaar at the fastest time. He also urged all to adhere to all kinds of government directives regarding the potential danger.

Meanwhile, tourism-related businessmen are expressing their solidarity with the administration's financial loss. They also want tourists to travel under normal circumstances. Co-ordinator Riyad Iftekhar of Cox's Bazar Hotel-Motel Officers Association said that everyone should fight against the Corona virus and that everyone should be the target for the country.