After 13 years, the occupation of the DC Sultana family ended.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-19 13:51:30

After 13 years, the occupation of the DC Sultana family ended.

The court has returned the original owner after 13 years period of nearly 4 acres of land occupied by the family of the newly appointed deputy commissioner Sultana Parveen from Kurigram. Nazir Md., Awaiting the judgment of the Assistant District Judge's court on Wednesday (18th March). Tameez Uddin, in that patriotic form, explained the land to Amirul Gong, the original owner of the land.

The home of Aamirul Gang is in the Ziabari area of ​​Hafizabad Union of Sadar upazila. Kurigram is the home of the father of the deceased DC Sultana Parveen.

It is learned that the locals held hostage under the influence of freedom fighters Mohammad Ali and brother-in-law Abdul Jabba. The victims were not excluded. Deputy Commissioner of the freedom fighter's father so no one can open his mouth. 13 years ago, for fear of such influences and attacks, fake documents were forcibly occupied on 4 acres of land by Amirul. As a result, Amirul got the court verdict on12th  March after a lengthy legal battle.

Amirul said, for a long time, our ancestral property was illegally occupied by fake people.

He said that they had made many false cases in our name by displaying the sovereignty of DC Sultana Parvin in Kurigram. Later, we filed a case against the court in the case. After a long legal battle, I returned to the land after 13 years. That's why we are so happy.

Nazir Tamiz Uddin of Panchagarh District Sessions Judge Court said that on the basis of the documents and evidence in the judgment of the District Assistant Judge Court, today we have conveyed the land to the original owners of the land.