India's Devi Sethi's important advice on the Corona virus.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-19 14:12:40

India's Devi Sethi's important advice on the Corona virus.

Extreme terror is now rampant around the world with the deadly new coronavirus. The virus has spread to more than two million on Wednesday, spreading to 172 countries and regions of the world. The deadly virus is found in the body slowly after two weeks or more, and it becomes apparent. In such cases, Devi Sethi, a renowned cardiologist in the subcontinent, has given some urgent advice on coronavirus.

The Times of India says an audio clip of the Indian doctor has gone viral in the midst of ongoing panic over the world with coronavirus. Raising questions about excessive coronary examination, Devi Shetty said that this message is for India only. The problem here is different. The population of our country is 130 million. There are less than one and a half million test kits.

He says if anyone has the flu or the cold; Then you must first monitor the symptoms by keeping yourself isolated. The first day will just come to fatigue. The third day will feel mild fever, with cough and throat problems. Headache until the fifth day. There may also be stomach problems. On the sixth or seventh day, the pain in the body will increase and the headaches will subside. However, symptoms of diarrhea can occur. Abdominal problems will remain. This is very important. On the eighth and ninth days, all symptoms will go away. However, the effects of colds continue to increase. This means you have increased resilience and you do not need to be alarmed.

Devi Shetty says about the requirements of the Corona test, you do not need the Corona test at that time. Because antibodies are made in your body. If your body gets worse on the eighth or ninth day, call the Corona helpline and get it checked out.

At the same time, he recalled that India currently has 150,000 lac test kits. It is possible to test a maximum of 1.5 billion people. So not everyone needs a coronary examination on the second or third day of the fever. There will be even bigger problems.

Calling on educated and aware people, the Indian physician said, "My suggestion is - not a coronary test if fever is present." Wait and observe the symptoms first. Test yourself if it is bad. He said the N95 mask was also lacking in his hospital due to excessive mask sales. He said that you should not be scared because you are scared.