Railway police and RNB's public awareness program have reduced train accidents

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-20 23:02:34

Railway police and RNB's public awareness program have reduced train accidents

In order to prevent accidents on the train, Chittagong District Railway Police and Railway Security Forces have organized various public awareness programs by conducting various public awareness meetings, mocking and leaflet distribution. According to a railway source in the Chittagong Railway District, 21 people were killed when a train was cut in the Chittagong Railway District in the first 45 days of Mujib.

According to the Chittagong Railway Police Super Office, 21 people were killed in the Chittagong Railway District from 1st January to 15th February  on the railway line, of which 11 and 10 were in the first 15 days of January and  February.

According to the Railway Act of 1890, people are prohibited from moving within 10 feet on both sides of the railway. Even if the cows and goats get into it, the railway authorities have the power to sell it at auction. The railway can sue the same person if someone is injured after falling on the rails. The common man is not aware of his life even after having such strict rules.

Asked if a railway police official said, section 144 is always issued in a 20-foot area of ​​the railway. Riding on the railway, setting up shop, doing sports or walking on the railway, using the teens' mobile phones, the train is constantly being killed. If people are aware, the number of casualties falling on the train will decrease. Railway police have been conducting sensational propaganda programs at various times to make people aware.

Chittagong regional committee president of the passenger rights protection council Kazi Zia Uddin Sohail said the number of casualties on the train would be reduced by half if the public awareness increased and the passengers were aware. Such deaths are not desirable when traveling by train and by train. It is possible to protect the common people from this accident by combining various public awareness programs with the railway authorities and the general public.

Asked about the matter, Railway Security Forces CI Aman Ullah Aman told  that, although the matter was not the work of the Railway Security Force, we have been conducting various awareness campaigns at various times to prevent this untimely death.

Sources say, all these traumatic events occur due to misconduct such as crossing the railway to talk on mobile phones, listening to music with headphones in the ears, walking along the rail lines, sitting on the rail lines. Traveling on the roof of a train, on a buffer, or on an engine, throwing stones on a moving train, throwing bricks, trying to cross a vehicle or crossing the front of a moving train even after the gate barrier is dropped.

Asked about the matter, Railway Chittagong District Superintendent of Police Nauroz Hassan Talukder told, "We are holding a monthly awareness meeting every month to make the public aware." Whereas Bangladesh Railway Police, Railway Security Forces, Public Representatives of the area and many other dignitaries are present. Because we think it is possible to prevent this death without the awareness of the people and passenger general without risk of traveling in Chittagong railway police, railway crossing, train buggy. Prevention of abnormal deaths now more than other times Not reduced.